HAHA for the weekend 10_12_10

So its that time of year, when tempers are short and so are peoples skirts and everyone is in need of a definite laugh. So here we go….

The Office

Some Christmas Cheer


and finally….

Its the weekend yes dangit, The pretty blue ocean is calling my name

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Rock Melt,your browser re-imagined

So my collegue @steynalive invited me to the beta launch of RockMelt,  a brand new web browser.

































































RockMelt brings your life together all in one cleanly designed browser.

Check out their blog



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Technological crushes

As the run up to Christmas gets more and more frenzied with the media and advertisers reminding you that family is the most important thing , (along with spending all of your hard earned money on meat and rum ) we now see an influx of cellular phone and gaming tech pick up as well.

Take the Blackberry Torch 9800

which retails for around R6000, has VGA Video recording (who on earth know’s why?!) no radio and was released August 2010. Cons aside the pro’s outweigh the camera misdemeanour‘s.

There’s the Nokia N8




Announced 2010 April but only picking up now in S.A , has V.G.A Video call (secondary camera). Gps with supported Ovi maps. Standby time of 400h on the 3G model and up to 50 hours music play. It also has usb on-the-go support, multi-touch input method and  can house up to 32GB memory. Did I forget to mention the large camera sensor with a 1200 ISO speed and 12MP Camera through Carl Zeiss optics and with a Xenon flash, capable too, of recording HD video.

And it supports flash…but, it still has the Symbian^3 o.s installed. That could be the only drawback on this phone. It might retail at the same price as the blackberry torch, but thats not carved in stone as its only released on a contract basis so far.

But yes, I saved the (supposed) best for last…

iphone 4g concept

So the iPhone demand still exceeds supply

iPhone does not support flash, but that is for another blog post. Retails for roughly around R8000. (http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html)

Which one do you think is the best on this list?

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Urgent Appeal Trends

Mozilla Firefox

























There seems to be something brewing in the interwebs. The trend is towards donations and contributions on major sites like Mozilla and Wikipedia. Are they under threat? Or do advertisers want a piece of the pie.

The question remains….would you contribute?

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Hahahah for the weekend!!!19_11_10

Yes people’s of the mother city, It is friday!!!

Whoooooooooohoooooooo yes man! yes I said man anyway lets get to it!

The 'stache makes the man

Almost there!


Face Plant







































and as always the best deserves to be the last one you remember…

have a good weekend

Ciao till wheneverrrrr.

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Cow Africa – We’re not sheep

Cow is a collective that builds relevant and authentic relationships between people and brands. Digital, activation and public relations is the core focus and they have years of experience in creating integrated solutions.

Cow opened its doors in London in 2000 and in Cape Town in 2006. Their aim has always been to create standout work and to deliver the best client service in the industry. In South Africa Cow Africa has a proven track record with a complete through-the-line service offering. I am so happy to be part of their team!

This is such an amazing space to work in, more pics to follow

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Alpha LongBoards – The Artboard Collection

















Look at this beauty, done by my friend monknine,who has been a stencil artist for many years.












As always we save the best for last.

















Alpha Longboards was started in 2000 by Kent Lingeveldt. Visit the site (http://www.alphalongboards.com/) or find them in the labyrinth’s of cape town.

Ciao for now…


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