Logo Mashups, quite a nice find. Enjoy!


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HaHa for the weekend!29_10_10






















This is how Im feeling, fresh in the damn head











Have a good weekend guys… deadline looms

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Simphiwe Dana

I am Ready to Fly

Insomnia has struck again , so with no sleep in sight this is what I created this morning ; Simpiwhe Dana, An African Futuristic Black bird….. Beautiful, soulfully herself and never apologetic… She is who she is…
This is a short excerpt from her website~
Simphiwe Dana has received an impressive 6 SAMA Awards, including Best New Comer in 2004 and Album of The Year in 2007 for The One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Street.

Her new album Kulture Noir comprises thirteen new songs and builds on Dana’s trademark fusion of deep African musical roots, inspired melodies and a stunningly unique contemporary voice. The result is another beautifully crafted collection to add to the South African songbook.

The first single from Kulture Noir, Ndimi Nawe, is a track that, like so much of Dana’s work, defies genre. Described by Dana herself as “meditative and celebratory,” the haunting Ndimi Nawe is a textured blend of light and dark over which Dana invokes the spirits and finds strength.
“I stand with you in your moments of joy and with you in your
moments of pain – and find strength,” explains Simphiwe Dana on Ndimi Nawe.

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We’reall fans

Taylor Swift

This  is the new site for the 52nd Annual Grammy’s.

It includes modular navigation with live video , twitter feed and the ability to create your own portrait, this is mine

My Portrait












Mine consisted of content by Broken Bells, Passion Pit, Brooke Frasier, Example and SADE.

Here’s the link http://wereallfans.com

Check it out and make your own.


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CS5 Error Message #FAIL!

Really? Yes REALLY!

So today while happily skipping along in the land of CS5 , I was harangued by a dialogue box in cs5 telling me that it was dreadfully sorry!

What the flip, SORRY!!?

Thank God for apple s…. and apple z but anyway this is a real error , and it means that photoshop is about to crash..

Thanx ….. narf…

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Haha for the day! 22_10_10

So its friday at RandY and we definitely not having it!

But it’s weekend nontheless.

So here we go!

You gotta love Ricky Gervais










Don't Hassel the Hoff






Who does Silent Bob remind you of?






yes...W Dog can do this to you...













And finally … drum roll please


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Grey Goose Vodka



The Dashboard by UrbanDaddy

Check it out

UrbanDaddy is a free daily email devoted to bringing you the single thing you need to know every day about your city.Read more: http://www.urbandaddy.com/about#ixzz136WhLs6Z

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